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personalized gift ideas from Quebec, customizable products and maternity sweater CREATIVE LILY BELLE

We deliver after 5-10 days of treatments

Everything is made by hand in Quebec. Everything is unique

all our french products can be made in english ask us if you need it,,,, by mail

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Original gift ideas to unearth exclusively ON OUR GIFT SHOP Humorous Quebec, this is where the rare pearl is!

Since 2011, we have been offering funny and original gift ideas on our shop. Offer a gift at an unbeatable price but also of superior quality.


Browse our online store, filled with the funniest and most original wonderful gift ideas!

Offer a boxer with image on Valentine's Day, A personalized mug, A humorous t-shirt, a maternity sweater,

All our products are recognized for their quality and our good prices.


FIND your original gift ON OUR GIFT SHOP, find the rare pearl!

Browse our online store, filled with the most eccentric and original gift ideas!

Give the gift of a picture boxer, A personalized mug, A humorous t-shirt, a maternity sweater, Moms-to-be love our maternity sweaters! They are special, original and fun to give as a gift at a shower or to announce in a very special way, the arrival of a little one.

Our maternity sweaters, being specially designed for pregnancy with their extensibility, they are very comfortable for the future mother! OUR PERSONALIZED QUEBEC GIFT BOUTIQUE has been appreciated by all since 2011!


THE BOXERS WILL MAKE YOUR SURROUNDINGS LAUGH. DIAPER BODYSUITS KNOW HOW TO ANNOUNCE THE GOOD NEWS. The t-shirts are all customizable with the person of your choice or the image, see our product options to see what you can modify in your gift.

We have several gift ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas gifts. Type in a keyword and several ideas will come out of it.

All of our products are customizable.

Contact us to print your own images or click on our Create my own tab.

Our prices are very competitive, you have a very nice maternity sweater with a beautiful pattern for the same price as a maternity sweater bought in store and our maternity sweaters are real maternity sweaters with small pleats on the sides to give way to the little belly that will start to grow soon!

VISIT to find the rare pearl of gift, It is in our gift shop that you will find the most beautiful gift idea! For a successful personalized product, visit our personalized shop. You will be happy!

Our personalized gift shop features maternity sweaters, maternity clothes, accessories for men and kids, like godmother and godfather request onesie, future big sister t-shirts, mug, sticker and more. We also have photo boxers.

You will find on the store gifts to personalize of all kinds, boxers, t-shirts, cups, stickers and more.